The Magic Lantern in schools

In tandem with their activities in the cinema theatres and in accordance with its objectives for heightened visual media literacy, The Magic Lantern, develops numerous projects and activities in schools for the kindergarten, primary and secondary school levels. Each year The Magic Lantern creates and develops educational activities specifically destined for schools helping children develop their own viewpoint on the visual media of today.

All fields of education

Educational, fun, and creative, The Magic Lanterns pedagogical activities touch upon diverse fields of education: visual media literacy, of course, but also history, geography and language learning (oral and written expression). Their objective is to empower students with the ability to encode images, detect their possible manipulation, and, make them aware of key notions such as publicity techniques, propaganda, probability or ’the politically correct’. They are also designed to stimulate students’ imagination while respecting precise narratives for example teaching them to write a synopsis of a film or how to write a critique.

At the secondary level

Destined for classes in primary or secondary schools, these activities are commissioned by the Departments of Education of numerous countries. Using the various pedagogical supports created by The Magic Lantern, students together with their teachers learn to reflect upon the power of visual media in today’s world, and have the tools to help even novice users grasp the contents of different media.

In kindergarten

Children aged 4 to 6 have not been omitted. The Magic Lantern regularly organises «Kindergarten Sessions». Using age appropriate short films, educational and playful presentations, it tries to help the very young to comprehend images and to encourage them to discover the seventh art.