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Thanks to its reputation in cinema and youth culture, the Magic Lantern is regularly in demand. Be it festivals or cultural events it organises special screenings, which are always both fun and educational.


/ United Arab Emirates

The Magic Lantern in the United Arab Emirates

Salman Qureshi, Mina Liccianne et Ali al Sayed performing the sketch preceding the projection. Opening of the doors on the very first session. Al Quasba Theatre, in Sharjah…


/ Abu Dhabi

The Magic Lantern at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival

On the occasion of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (ADFF), The Magic Lantern is going to present a film session for children aged 6 to 12 at the VOX Cinemas, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi. In November 2010 Swiss Art Gate UAE has launched the first film club of The Magic…


/ Al Qasba

The Magic Lantern at Al Qasba in the United Arab Emirates