The Magic Lantern Association — ASLM

The ASLM coordinates the organisation of the clubs in all partner cities. It creates and puts in place a program of original films for each linguistic region. Its goal, in accordance with its mandate and the statutes of the association, is to heighten the awareness of children with respect to the cinema using the following means:

  • Selection of programmed films
  • Creation of club magazines
  • Creation of educational documents for the presenters (and preambles)
  • Creation of scripts for the theatre show preceding the film
  • Elaboration of commentaries concerning each film
  • Creation and maintenance of a pool of actors and musicians
  • Creation of specific events (contests, educational activities etc.)
  • Creation of events linked to the promotion of the clubs
  • Participation in national and international events (cinema festivals, discussions, seminars etc.)

Association The Magic Lantern
Terreaux 7
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
+41 (0)32 723 77 00