General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Radius of action

The present general conditions exclusively govern the contractual relations between The Magic Lantern local association (hereinafter called the organizer) and its customer (hereinafter called the buyer). They fully apply by right to any buyer having completed, for himself or any minor he might be representative of, a registration for The Magic Lantern, either by filling up a registration form or by enrolling online on one of the Magic Lantern websites.

Conclusion of the contract

The contract is validated as soon as the buyer validates his online registration, thus confirming that the general conditions have been read and approved and by checking the appropriate box. Therefore, the general conditions are an integral part of the contract.

Registration price and rules

The total price includes the registration fees plus all the applicable taxes (valid as of the registration date). The buyer agrees to pay the total amount for the confirmed registrations within 30 days following the registration date. If the buyer chooses to pay by credit card, the transfer is processed by The Magic Lantern Association (ASLM) for the count and in the name of the organizer. In principle, no refund will be allowed on any grounds.

Organizer’s services

Once the registration fees have been paid, the buyer has the right to take part, during the current season, in any regular event organized by The Magic Lantern local association, with which he has concluded a contract. The organizer defines the possible extra services. If registering online, the buyer has the responsibility to take possession of his/her access card for the events organized by the club or by The Magic Lantern local association, according to the communication sent via e-mail. The return or exchange of access cards is, in principle, prohibited, whether due to loss, stealing, deterioration or destruction of the access card. Furthermore, there will be no refund for any events the buyer was unable to participate in.

Buyer’s responsibility

The buyer certifies that the data entered in the online registration are accurate and true. If the buyer is a minor, a legal representative is required to validate the online registration. The organizer reserves the right to verify identity and age, and to refuse access to its events to any child for which data inconsistent with the truth have been entered in the online registration.

Data protection

The organizer undertakes to treat personal data carefully and to respect the legal provisions concerning data protection. The buyer has a right to access, to correct or to be opposed to his or her personal data. The organizer reserves the right to inform local authorities about the name, first name and postal address of the children who have been enrolled by the buyer. Its aim is to allow these authorities to determine the level of financial support provided to the organizer. Apart from this special provision, no transmitted data will ever be sold, rented or forwarded in any way to third parties. The buyer certifies being informed and agrees that The Magic Lantern may use his/her image, or that of the registered minor he legally represents, for promotional purposes. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform the organizer of his or her objection concerning the use of the child’s/children’s’ image at each and every public event.

Exclusion of liability

The organizer excludes all liability, including negligence, towards material damage, personal injury or any other loss of profits related to the organization or sequence of events, including for its collaborators and auxiliaries. Liability for damages due to cancellation of events, incomplete performance or failing organization is also excluded.

Modification of terms and conditions

The present terms and conditions can be modified at any time by the organizer. The new terms and conditions are available for the buyer on The Magic Lantern’s website at least 30 days before they enter into force. After this time the new terms and conditions will be considered as accepted by the buyer.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law. In the event of a dispute, the French version shall be the only authoritative text. The sole place of jurisdiction for any disputes failing to reach an amicable settlement shall be in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.