The Magic Lantern

The cinema club for kids aged 6-12

Have fun discovering the cinema with a new film every month at The Magic Lantern – the international cinema club for children.

Films to grow up with

With a unique approach and an affordable price, The Magic Lantern invites children aged 6 to 12 to discover 9 films a year. Children are prepared for the film in several ways: A few days prior to each film showing, club members receive a small, illustrated leaflet describing the film. At the cinema just before the projection, The Magic Lantern’s competent presenters and actors perform a humorous interactive sketch pertaining to the film.

The best of cinema

Without parents yet under the supervision of adult helpers, children become acquainted with the grand emotions of cinema, spend quality time with their friends and develop their «critical eye». With a new program of films each year, The Magic Lantern presents the best of cinema in all of its diversity and offers quality visual media education.

Become a club member

Internationally recognized, active in all domains of visual media, in schools and festivals, The Magic Lantern encompasses 100 clubs around the world.